ROOM 4. AMD ROCm: The new ecosystem for HPC and IA


Monday September 18, 2023

08:00 to 11:00 hours


Bob Robey, USA, Software System Design Engineer, at AMD

Mario Ruiz, Ireland, AMD University Program


  • AMD ROCm: The new ecosystem for HPC and IA (2 hours)
  • Introducing the new AMD University Program. (1/2 hour)


AMD ROCm: The new ecosystem for HPC and IA

This training has the objective to show the main features of the Rocm development framework for those who want to maximize the performance of the AMD GPUs they have implemented in their high performance computing systems.

ROCm is an open-source stack for GPU computation. ROCm is primarily Open-Source Software (OSS) that allows developers the freedom to customize and tailor their GPU software for their own needs while collaborating with a community of other developers, and helping each other find solutions in an agile, flexible, rapid and secure manner.

ROCm is a collection of drivers, development tools and APIs enabling GPU programming from the low-level kernel to end-user applications. ROCm is powered by AMD’s Heterogeneous-computing Interface for Portability (HIP), an OSS C++ GPU programming environment and its corresponding runtime.

HIP allows ROCm developers to create portable applications on different platforms by deploying code on a range of platforms, from dedicated gaming GPUs to exascale HPC clusters. ROCm supports programming models such as OpenMP and OpenCL, and includes all the necessary OSS compilers, debuggers and libraries. ROCm is fully integrated into ML frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow


  • Student's prerequisites
    • Intermediate knowledge in linux.
    • Have a computer or VM with any of the following Linux distributions installed:
      • Ubuntu 20.04 - 22.04
      • Red Hat Enterprise 8.6 , 8.7 , 8.8 ,9.1 ,9.2
      • Suse Enterprise 15.4 , 15.5


Introducing the new AMD University Program

The new AMD University Program has been formed from the Xilinx University Program and AMD support programs for academia and is geared towards fostering world-class university teaching and research. The program provides academic professionals with unparalleled access to AMD's cutting-edge technology, technical support, and a comprehensive repository of teaching and learning resources.

The program extends a helping hand to educators, offering access to a suite of free software licenses, low-cost and donated teaching boards, teaching materials and other educational resources, all designed to support student teaching.

For research, AMD champions progress through various pathways. By channelling resources into initiatives such as the High-Performance Computing (HPC) Fund, the Heterogeneous Accelerated Computing Clusters (HACC) program, and the AMD Donation Program, researchers gain access to state-of-the-art hardware, enabling them to forge new horizons in their respective fields.

Join us in ushering in a new era of educational excellence and transformative research through the new AMD University Program. Together we advance