CARLA 2024

Bárbara Poblete

University: Universidad de Chile

Country: Chile

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Bárbara Poblete is Associate Professor of the Department of Computing (DCC) of the University of Chile and associate researcher at the Milenio Fundamentals of Data Institute (IMFD). She has a PhD from Pompeu Fabra University in Spain and was a researcher at Yahoo Labs for six years, where she conducted research applied to industry. Currently, he works in the areas of data mining, social network analysis and information retrieval on the web. His research focuses, as of 2011, on the topic of credibility in social networks. She was the first to address this topic in the world and is widely recognized by the international scientific community. His work has been published by prominent media such as Scientific American Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Slate Magazine, The Huffington Post, BBC News, among others. He has more than 80 top-level international scientific publications and is currently co-Chair of The Web Conference 2021 track in Web Mining and Content Analysis.