CARLA 2024


Dr. Daniel Aravena
Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

Dr. Pablo Jaque
Universidad de Chile, Chile

Current Applications of Computational Chemistry


The goal of this workshop is to provide a space for discussion and outreach for the main research efforts in the field of computational chemistry driven by local research groups. Given the broad scope of applications of this field, speakers will be selected to cover a diverse variety of topics, ranging from applications in life sciences to materials physics and chemistry. 

Today, most of the applications in computational chemistry require the use of large computational facilities in order to approximate the Schrödinger equation with high accuracy, since model systems can comprise hundreds or even thousands of atoms or simulate atomistic dynamics for long time evolutions. This workshop will include researchers based on both quantum and classical mechanics approaches to showcase the different capabilities and challenges associated with each methodology.

This workshop does not receive submitted papers, although all speakers are required to provide an abstract of their talks.

Invited Speaker: