CARLA 2024


Paula Verghelet
Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Patricia Tissera
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.

Paola A. Buitrago
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University, United States.

Damaris Mendoza
University of Cartagena, Colombia.

Women on HPC

Join us for an empowering workshop focused on High-Performance Computing (HPC) for women, underrepresented groups in STEM, and allies. Our aim is to bring together individuals passionate about HPC and related fields, either working for the industry or the academy, providing a platform for networking, collaboration, and visibility.

Designed to highlight the contributions of women in HPC, this workshop serves as a catalyst for interaction and networking among students, researchers, and professionals. Through panel discussions featuring experts from diverse backgrounds, we aim to foster dialogue on the application of HPC in various industries and academic disciplines.

In an industry where the pipeline for women remains “leaky,” with attrition rates disproportionately high, this workshop seeks to address these challenges head-on. By creating a supportive and inclusive space, we strive to empower attendees to thrive in the field of HPC and AI, whether in academia or industry.

Walk-ins are welcome, and participation in the workshop is free of charge. Join us as we come together to advance diversity, inclusion, and excellence in High-Performance Computing.

This workshop brings panelists from different areas that use HPC and AI. 

Submissions for posters are invited as extended abstracts (up to 2 pages) in any area that utilizes HPC and AI. Successful authors will be asked to provide a version of their work highlighting its goals, accomplishments, and impact to present on a poster.

About the submissions

Submissions are invited on all topics relating to HPC from users and developers. All abstracts should emphasize the impact of the work, such as the problem you are seeking to solve, the community benefits from investigating this work with or alongside HPC, the computational resources and/or facilities used, any challenges noted and/or overcame, as well as any other challenges you wish to highlight.