HPC Collaboration between Europe and Latin America

Workshop HPC Collaboration between Europe and Latin America

Agenda | Tuesday October 5, 2021

Time of Guadalajara (GMT -5)

  • 08:00 h
    Pedro Alberto (U. Coimbra)
    Actividades de HPC en PRACE y EuroHPC y su extensión a LAC.
  • 08:40 h
    Luis E. Cadenas (RedCLARA),
    El proyecto Bella-S como enlace entre EU y LAC.
  • 09:20 h
    Ulises Cortés (BSC-CNS)
    RISC2 project
  • 09:40 h
    Isabel Campos (CSIC)
    EOSC-SYNERGY project and their implementation of Latin American pilots.
  • 10:00 h
    Inmaculada Figueroa (MICINN)
    European Commission Research Infrastructure Working Group.
  • 10:20 h
    Maisa Rojas U. Chile/Centro de Ciencia del Clima y Resiliencia.
    HPC y cambio climático.
  • 10:40 h
    Panel, chaired by Rosa Mª Badía (BSC-CNS)

* Subject to change without notice


For more than 15 years, different projects to build advanced computing platforms and research initiatives have been developed in Latin America with the critical support of different European institutions. Projects as EELA, EELA-2, GISELA, CHAIN, CHAIN-REDS, RISC, HPC4E, RICAP, or ENERXICO and initiatives of collaboration between national partners in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain were paramount for academic and industrial development.

Today, consequences of the collaboration allow proposing and making research, development, and innovation with high impact in the economy in both senses as it can be derived from the Strategic Partnership on HPC with Latin America launched by the European Commission . This achieved growth is also generating new types of collaborations, addressing following key topics such as Education and Outreach, Industrial Partnership, Technical Transference, or Government agreements.

The purpose of this workshop is to offer a space of exchange of experiences aiming the promotion and support of new collaborations across the different countries of Europe and Latin America in the framework of the recently kicked-off project ‘A network for supporting the coordination of High-Performance Computing research between Europe and Latin America’ (RISC2).

Invited Speaker:
Luis Eliécer Cadenas

Invited Speaker:
Pedro Vieira Alberto

  • Rafael Mayo-García
  • Ulises Cortés