CARLA 2024

Edson Borin

Institute: Institute of Computing

Country: Unicamp – Brazil

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Edson Borin is an associate professor at the Institute of Computing at the University of Campinas (Unicamp). Prior to joining Unicamp, Prof. Borin was a researcher at Intel Labs in California, where he investigated and developed dynamic compilation techniques to enhance next-generation HW/SW co-designed microprocessors, including automatic binary parallelization, binary translation, and hardware optimization and support techniques to accelerate single-threaded applications. During this time, he received four divisional recognition awards for developing technologies that improved Intel microprocessor manufacturing processes.

Since joining Unicamp in 2010, Prof. Borin has applied his expertise in modern computer architecture and compilers to optimize the performance and cost of running scientific and engineering computing applications. Much of his work focuses on improving seismic-processing and deep-learning applications and cloud infrastructure to optimize the performance and cost of running these applications in the cloud. 

Prof. Borin coordinates the Discovery laboratory (, with projects funded by government agencies such as Fapesp, CNPq and Capes, by international technology companies such as Intel, AMD, Samsung, Motorola, and Cadence/Tensilica, and by large Brazilian companies, such as Petrobras. 

He has supervised over 22 doctoral and master’s students, many of whom have received awards for best theses, dissertations, and papers.