CARLA 2024

Marta Mattoso

University: University of Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil

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Marta Mattoso is a Full Professor at COPPE-Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Her topics of interest in Data Science include aspects of large-scale data management. Among her interests is provenance data to support human analytics during the parallel execution of many computing tasks in high-performance environments. She has supervised more than 90 graduate students. She was the 2005 Honored Researcher in the Brazilian Database Conference. She is a CNPq level 1B research productivity fellow, and a Rio de Janeiro State Scientist fellow. She coordinates research projects funded by CNPq, CAPES, Faperj, and collaboration projects with INRIA, France, since 2001. She has served as a Mercator Fellow at DFG, Germany, in the Fonda project [2020-2023]. She is a member of the body of experts on the WorkflowsRI project in the USA. She is a founding member of the Brazilian Computing Society.